Key features:

  • module structure enabling an easy system expansion,
  • modern and constant power rectifiers,
  • modern inverter modules generating efficient sinusoidal voltage,
  • high efficiency,
  • easy and secure handling,
  • easy installation of rectifiers and inverters during the regular working mode (hot-swap),
  • flexible Pi1 controller,
  • remote monitoring and supervisory of power supply systems via the WinCN system.

Multivoltage systems

The multivoltage power supply systems are intended to supply devices with direct 48 Vdc or alternate 230 Vac current. The following elements can be used in this type of system:

  • rectifiers: PDK, PDC, PDD or PDJ;
  • inverters: FUL and FUH;

all in cooperation with a battery system and under Pi1 controller.
The multivoltage power upply systems are very flexible and can be configured based on several modules, in order to meet the Customer expectations. Additionally, a large number of loads securities can be installed. The system elements are selected individually for each Customer.