Key features:

  • high quality workmanship
  • simple and fast mounting
  • greatest performance stability – over 90% of original performance for over 25 years
  • solar power modules designed to yield high energy per kilowatt
  • an increased reversed current resistance minimizes wiring costs
  • the cavity-free anodized aluminum frame warrants high twist resistance
  • the module withstands pressure and suction loads of up to 550 kg per square metre.
  • remote monitoring & control by WinCN PC software and PI1 control unit

Solar panels

We design and mount  photovoltaic installations. Thanks to our cooperation with leading module manufacturers we will assist you in the selection of the right modules for your PV project on the basis of a sustainable system concept. 

Wide variety of different types of photovoltaic modules make possible easy planning of photovoltaic installations.  Offered solar power modules are designed to sustainably provide a high energy yield.