ETC Green Power is specialized in Hybrid Power Supply Systems and renewable energy solutions. We provide all key components related to power supply systems for industry and telecommunication. We combine all these resources to create comprehensive hybrid systems which optimize two most important business factors: reliability and OPEX.

All products have been gathered is six comprehensive categories. Each category contains its own content-dependent subcategories. It’s the simple and intuitive way to present variety of our solutions. We have following product categories:

    Power generation (solar panels, charge controllers, wind turbines, diesel gen-sets),
    Power supply systems (DC, AC, outdoor),
    Batteries (gel, AGM, flooded),
    Body & Supporting structure (outdoor containers, battery racks, battery cabinets, solar tracking systems),
    Climate control (air-conditioning, free-cooling),
    Supervisory & Monitoring (PI1 control system, WinCN software).

4/23/2024 11:25:01 AM