Key features:

  • Maintaining the internal temperature - automatic ventilation fan speed control
  • fully automatic operation
  • air filter does not require periodic reviews
  • very quiet operation
  • cooperation with existing air-conditioner (control unit will start air-conditioner when the primary free cooling mechanisms will be not sufficient to keep desired temperature)
  • heating - at low outdoor temperatures, which result in decreasing of the temperature inside the container, the system automatically switches on fan heater
  • energy saving related to temperature regulation up to 95% in comparison to conventional solution (only air-conditioner)
  • remote monitoring & control by WinCN PC software and PI1 control unit


Free cooling is a ventilation system which purpose is to keep the container or room temperature at a desired level by providing cooler ambient air to the container or room interior. It significantly reduces the energy consumption required to maintain the inside temperature in comparison to using air-conditioning system.