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About us

ETC Green Power is specialized in Hybrid Power Supply Systems and renewable energy solutions. We are considered as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in this field. The company was established by ETC Trading in Ahrensburg, Germany due to the high demand of reliable power supply solution. We have supplied over 40.000 power supply systems together with accompanying equipment during over 30 years history. Our history gives us enormous experience it the field of uninterruptible power supply systems.

Our offer

ETC Green Power provides all key components related to uninterruptible power supply and telecommunication site maintenance:

  • DC & AC power supply systems,
  • Batteries and battery racks,
  • Containers,
  • Climate regulation solutions,
  • Photovoltaic modules,
  • Wind turbines,
  • Diesel gen-sets,
  • Solar tracking systems,
  • Remote monitoring & control.

We combine all these resources to create hybrid system and optimize reliability and OPEX of our customers' applications. As a result of this, we offer complete solutions for telecommunications and industry.

In our offer we have also the systems targeted for the civilian market, such as:

Hybrid systems (solar/diesel gen-set/wind turbine) for villages
Solar applications for homes and villages
Street Lamps
Solar Water Pumps
Home systems refrigerators and freezers.
Our competence as system provider allows us to respond flexibly to individual customer requests and suggest comprehensive solutions – all over the globe.
ETC Green Power supplies a wide spectrum of services and systems as system integrator. For every Customer, the demand is calculated individually and systems are simulated and configured according to the desire of the Client.

Comprehensive solutions

Only he who thinks comprehensively can also deliver comprehensive solutions. Regardless localization, AC grid presence or absence, power consumption and available communication media, we have an appropriate solution for every requirements. Different components, such as photovoltaic panels, tracking systems, DC & AC power supply systems, gen-set, active and passive cooling systems and supervisory elements are connected to each other in such way that provides safety and reliability at optimal utilization of renewable energy sources. Whole system can be monitored and remotely controlled over PC.

Over 100 employees in Europe & Asia

The secret of our success? We stand hundred percent behind our solutions. ETC Green Power today has more than 100 employees and is represented in Europe and Asia. Our experts, engineers and local service partners maintain a close link to the Customer and guarantee professional support, installation and maintenance.
We have our own in-house research & development department with engineers from Europe. They work continuously to extend our application possibilities and to fulfill the versatile desires of our Clients.

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