Key features:

  • small dimensions and low weight
  • simple and fast installation
  • low cost of exploitation
  • low cyclability
  • low price
  • limited availability of larger capacities
  • remote monitoring & control by WinCN PC software and PI1 control unit

AGM batteries

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, in which the electrolyte is trapped in a glass separator (Absorbent Glass Mat) are characterized by a very good discharge parameters, large currents and low costs.


Introduced in 1996, the Marathon brand has established a reputation of performance and quality. It is used on 12 year valve regulated AGM batteries. The brand is targeted to create an image of performance for long duration back up power needs. This market is strong growing globally.


This brand represents valve regulatedlead acid block batteries in AGM technology for standard commercialstandby applications. Excellent price/performance ratio in termsof amperes per hour, thus making Powerfit extremly competitive. The range mainly in small capacities is popular in small emergency equipments.Powerfit has also a range, which meets the VDS application.


Introduced in 1996, the Sprinter brand represents high performance without sacrificing quality or reliability.
It is used on all UPS valve regulated AGM monoblocs. The brand name is targeted to create the image of excellent high rate performance for demanding short duration back up times.The brand is gaining global acceptance as the product line is expanded tomeet competitive ranges.