Full 3d management

In the last few days we have completed the synchronization of the modern package to management of a three-dimensional projects with MRP class system intended for management of other databases in the company. As a result, we have joined to leader companies in Poland which integrate information in digital form in such complex area.

The implemented by us PRODUCTSTREAM system allows to create and secure management of three-dimensional designs of the devices by many users from various departments at the same time. The system also provides access to up-to-date version of the project, simplifies the using of earlier projects elements and protects the data against overwriting in the design phase. By storing project data in one place, engineers can easily search them, refer back to them and use them for new tasks. The software automates the process of project transfer to the production by managing engineering changes and bills of materials necessary to implement them. It provides the continuous control to the project designers. These types of programs in engineering firms are not rareness.

Furthermore, we have integrated data generated by this system with already running in company system MAX (class MRP). Its purpose is to support the management of other company activities through the coordination of information exchange at all levels of company operation (logistics, accountancy, customer service). As a result, information about each component used in the project are enhanced by such details like the value of the purchase, inventory, order date, delivery date, the customer, the value of sales, etc. The integration of these two systems ensures that every change made into the project is reflected in the change of data in other company departments. Only few companies in Poland introduced such solution in this range.

3D design significantly reduces the work time on further products. Through capabilities of testing three-dimensional figures and constructions in digital form in relation of their behavior in the motion and tensions affecting on them, designers are able to more quickly and cheaply verify the particular model concepts. Additionally, the program allows for the transmission of the finished design to the production department, along with the film presenting the process of its assembly.

The design system used by us is based on reputable Autodesk package: Inventor, Productstream and Vault.

Entry date: 7/15/2008 2:57 PM